Friday, December 28, 2012

Almost 4 months later :)

It's been so long since I updated my blog, it's been that hectic here. We have all the remodeling done, all the painting (except trim work in a few rooms but that can wait) we are taking a break for a little while. It's nice to not have someone in our house for once. Our contractor guy was super nice and great but everyday coming home to someone here wasn't relaxing.

So from August to November we

  • Painted the upstairs kitchen, eat in area, and living room/stairway

 **finally put a picture in that picture frame yesterday using one from our trip to Area 51 in 2008

I still need curtains!!!!! This picture is too dark but you can see Haystack's glowing eyes :)

  • Sun-room and Family room -ceiling and dry wall redone in a lot of spots, the previous owner did not use tape when putting the drywall up or used such a little amount in spots that the drywall eventually started to split and cracks were showing thorough.

  •  Downstairs bathroom ceiling redone and new shower put in-then Tom painted it Behr Green Crush Eggshell (I wish I would have used Semi Gloss).

  • Deck finished off, the previous owner spent over $10,000 in Trek deck and installed it himself but never finished the bottom part and also when we took the hottub out that was there, the underneath had to be done, so we spent a ton just to get the materials to finish it, it looks a little off right now because new beside the older but the weathering will eventually even it out. (too much snow covering it for pictures right now)

  • My bathroom was completely gutted out, I tore off 3 layers of wallpaper and the dry wall was so damaged underneath that it needed to have new drywall, so we redid everything including the floor. I love how it came out. We used Behr Venus Teal -Semi Gloss.

I love how he did the tile work

Finished (picture using Panarama on Iphone)

  • Tom did almost all of the painting and I did trim work. We had a nightmare in the Family room, I wanted to do 2 walls in Behr Sunny Summer which a super bright yellow, we bought the primer and tinted it properly but the yellow would not cover the wall, yellow paint is transparent so even with 6 coats of paint and 1 coat of primer, it still would not cover the dry wall patching which was white. For 1 coat it took 4 hours so Tom spent 28 hours that was completly wasted because we had to start over.  So we decided to do the whole room in Antique Tin which took 1 coat of primer over the yellow and 2 coats of the Antique Tin.

Sadie jumped on the window with the paint still being wet

Tom covering the yellow with the gray primer

Family Room Finished

We just finished painting the sun-room a few weeks ago and it took 3 coats of the Behr Ultra paint in Summer Heat, we did one coat of primer and we used white primer instead of tinted. I love the color!

Haystack my sweetiepie