Friday, January 4, 2013

2013- Looking forward to making every day a good day!

Being Happy for me is with my family at home & traveling together

Wow time flies and that's not really a good thing in my eyes, I want to enjoy every moment, every day, make something good out of everyday, even if I work full time during the week, I need to make those days count also. I love coming home after work to my family, watching a movie or walking or just sitting around hanging out with my boys, my husband and my cats :)

We LOVE to travel and we have been very lucky to do a lot of traveling every year. In 2010 we went on 3 big vacations-Texas-Colorado and Cancun and our smaller ones in between (Chicago and NYC) We usually plan 1 big one every year and small ones in between. I want to see as much as I can. This is what I live for and what I look forward to. My husband just got his 2 weeks approved so I put mine in and got them approved as well, so now it's so motivating to look forward to it. So far I have NYC and Chicago both booked for March, just weekend trips. Gage's birthday is in March and he wants Deep Dish pizza from Chicago. We love Chicago! Tom and I are going to a Vegetarian Festival in NYC. This summer we are planning a big one, we were going back and forth about Alaska or a Midwest Road Trip and I think it's leaning towards the Midwest one, more of a variety.

We are still planning everything but we are thinking of driving to Nashville and Memphis first then heading over to visit Oklahoma City, New Mexico (Santa Fe and Roswell and Albuquerque) Utah and Colorado. We haven't decided which way we will drive home yet, either Chicago and home or Kansas City, St. Louis and then home. I am so excited just thinking about it. My boys have been so lucky to visit so many places growing up and they really do appreciate it and we have SO many memories of all of our trips. I get so happy just thinking about it :)