Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shopping at All

Today I spent most of the time looking at some really cool things on All Modern.

I have been looking at these chairs for a few weeks now and I finally just ordered them.

Emeco 111 Navy Chair in Grass Green-each chair is made from 111 Plastic Coca Cola Bottles

Emeco 111 Navy Chair in Charcoal

I am supposed to receive a swatch of the colors this week but I just went with it. I am painting my kitchen a lime green color, the one wall next to it a dark gray then the rest of the living room and upstairs and downstairs a lighter gray color. I ordered 2 Green Chairs and 2 Charcoal Grey chairs. Even though the green chairs look lime green online, they are a little darker I have read and also talked to a few sales people on the phone. The one Charcoal Grey that I was able to order was a return and I called them and they told me there was nothing in the description about damage. They had it marked down from $260 to $208 and I recieved 10% off my entire order and also free shipping so it was a better deal then Design Within Reach who was having a 15% off 4 chairs but you had to pay shipping. I love that these are made of 111 Plastic Coca Cola Bottles. The weight limit is 300 lbs so I know they are sturdy. I have been researching them and I knew this is the chair I wanted. I can't wait to see them. I might even order the light grey ones for when we have company. I am still waiting to find out when my farm table is going to be delivered or when we are going to meet the guy to pick it up, I can't wait! 

Some other good deals I got today were these Kikkerland Doormats, now these are anywhere from $22-30 on other sites and they are $6.99-$8.26 on All Modern which didn't make sense because they aren't showing a sale, then I look at the measurements and it says 9"X1.25", that can not be right LOL that would be one tiny door mat! The measurements with the same model number on other websites is the normal size of a door mat so I feel confident that I am getting a human size door mat and not a mini one lol. I bought 2 of each one. Deals like that make me want to buy tons of them and give them away for gifts!

Rhode Island and 2 Days in Boston

While still in Rhode Island, we got up and headed to Newport. We parked the car and walked the Clif Walk which was beautiful.

 Next we found a pizza place for the boys in Providence, Bob & Timmy's Grilled Pizza (this will be on the new Man vs Food next month) Gage and Graham said the pizza was great!

For lunch Tom and I had Garden Grille Cafe in Pawtucket, RI on our list and I am so glad we went! They had incredible food.

Sweet Potato Fries

I had the Tofu BLT -Smoky Tofu, Chipotle Aioli, Arugula, Tomato on Multigrain with Avocado, I could not believe how much the tofu tasted like bacon, it was scary! Tom wanted my sandwich after having a bite. VERY VERY GOOD!
Tom had the Seitan Mushroom Burger-Sweet Potatoes – Caramelized Onion – Arugula – Tarragon Aioli – Spelt Roll very good also

 Then we went right next door to this INCREDIBLE vegan bakery! Wildflour, oh my this place had SO many delicious, yummy, incredible, gorgeous, decadent, mouth watering desserts!!! We picked out a variety and went outside and shared them. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

After the wonderful food in Rhode Island, we were on our way to Boston. Boston has been a city I have wanted to see for the past few years, so I couldn't wait to get there. When I did, I noticed how clean it was compared to most of the big cities I have been to, I loved the buildings and how beautiful it was. We spent 2 days at the Hilton on Broad Street. This hotel was beautiful. We wanted something in walking distance of the fireworks on Charles River (I will get to that later). We had booked a suite with 2 beds and a foldout bed couch, but when I checked in, they said that wasn't available so instead they gave us 1 suite with a King bed, living room with a fold out couch and a connecting room with 2 beds. That was a better deal and didn't cost any extra. My oldest son Gage took the 2nd room and Graham took the living room.

The first night we walked down to Newbury Street, if you are there to shop, you need to go here. On the way down we walked through the Boston Commons, beautiful park! Newbury Street was great, they have SO many stores, Madewell, Jonathan Adler, Betsey Johnson, the list goes on. I spent time in Madewell and found some great deals, they were so much better than the online sales. I found out we have a Madewell store now in Pittsburgh.

Gage and Graham wanted wings, so Gage found a place called Whiskey's that had great reviews.

We were having trouble finding a Vegan place around us. Being in Boston, I thought there would be SO many, but we weren't coming up with much. One place was My Vegan Thai Cafe that was on our way back to the hotel. I am so glad we went, they had a HUGE menu of Thai food that was completely Vegan. I even asked the lady is everything Vegan and she assured me. I guess seeing a menu full of Vegan Shrimp, Chicken, Beef,etc, I start to doubt that it's vegan. Tom ordered Beef and Vegetables and I ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken and White rice with Vegetables, it came in a huge serving.  The food was VERY good and I was more than full leaving there.

The next day we walked around Boston checking out all of the historical sites.

 Down by the Boston Commons we went to the Clover Food Truck which is all Vegan Food Truck. Tom found it online and found where they were going to be.

BBQ Seitan Sandwich and French Fries with Rosemary.

 I love kitties and spotted one in the window on our walk

My boys of course wanted pizza so we walked down to Regina Pizza

Tom and I walked through the Quincy Market and could not find anything Vegan. I was very suprised that a big city like this didn't have more options. So we walked back to the hotel and the boys wanted to relax, so Tom and I walked back down to My Vegan Thai Cafe.
Fried Wontons ground veggie-chicken, tofu, mushrooms, ground vegetables and spices wrapped in wheat flour and fried until crisp. served with our own savory dipping sauce

Pineapple Fried Rice stir-fried rice with thai curry, veggie-chicken, dried mushrooms, bean sprouts, pineapple and mixed vegetables

Beef With Vegetables veggie-beef stir-fried with mixed asian vegetables in a mild brown sauces

After eating lunch we walked back to the hotel and rested, we had planned a long night for the fireworks. When we were on our walk down, we found this Boloco and decided to try it for dinner, it was more like a Chipolte. I ordered only a Berry Smoothie and Tom tried a burrito and wasn't impressed at all.

My Berry Smoothie, Gage's Cookie Monster milkshake and Graham's Nutella Milkshake

Once we were done we headed down to Charles River, there were 1000's of people. An employee at the Hilton told us that there were going to be an estimated 1 million people and I wasn't too thrilled about being around this many people. Jennifer Hudson was performing and a lot was going on for this event. Once we got done there we were overwhelmed with how many people and didn't want to be pushed and shoved so we were going to head back up to the Boston Commons park to watch that show. So we took the boys to Whiskey's again to eat, the waiter there told us that the show down at Charles River was the biggest and suggested we go back and since my boys wanted to, we did. We walked back down and found a perfect spot and within a few minutes an announcement came on that everyone is being evacuated due to the lightening the show was delayed. I couldn't believe it. As we were walking out, we asked a Boston police officer how long the delay was and he said 3 hours, this would mean the fireworks would start at 1:30 am in the morning. We all agreed that we weren't going to wait, so we walked back to hotel, came in our rooms, turned on the tv and they had let everyone back in! The show was minutes away from beginning. I felt like I was going to cry, we had planned out our vacation to see the fireworks in Boston and now it wasn't going to happen. I guess it down poured so we would have been soaked, I keep telling myself that to feel better. The only fireworks we saw were the reflection of some off of the building across the street from our hotel. Other than missing the fireworks, I did enjoy Boston :)