Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Time for another change

 I went from a Vegetarian to Eating a Vegan lifestyle, now one more step I have is to get rid of all of my leather/animal clothing and products. I made a promise not to buy anymore leather shoes or purses and learn more about Vegan options when it comes to clothing and products. Becoming a Vegan is not something someone can do overnight, it takes a lot of learning and researching. There is so much involved. I want to make a difference and I have been taking steps and more steps towards living a complete cruelty free life.

I have many boots and purses made with Leather, Sheepskin and one pair of Rabbit Fur boots :( I feel awful for even having these items but I can make a change starting now. To just throw out these items would be cruel also, knowing that an animal died for them. I plan on selling many things on Ebay, as soon as I find time. I also have a $150 Ugg Credit that I need to use also. I even thought about taking the money I make off of it and putting it towards an adoption of an animal at the Farm Sanctuary or something that makes a difference in helping animals.

My dream would be to have my own Farm Sanctuary where I could bring in abused animals and teach them how to trust again and feel love for the first time. I have So much love to give and when it comes to animals my heart is so full of kindness and love, I feel helpless right now, I want to rescue animals and I have no idea where to begin.

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  1. To begin with you will have to buy a new house with about 100 acres! Then take Ralphie with you. Easy to rescue them, just feeding and cleaning up, plus vet bills.