Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 3-Brooklyn, New Haven and Providence

On Monday morning we checked out of our hotel and our first stop was Brooklyn, New York. I have been to New York City many times but never made it over to Brooklyn. It's super expensive to get into the city, even if you only want to spend an hour or two like we planned. Finding a parking spot that didn't want $35 for 2 hours, we finally found one driving around. We found one next to the Brooklyn Bridge, it was about $18 for 2 hours.

First we walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park where you can find the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Also right there in the park is Jane's Carousel. It wasn't open yet, otherwise I would have tried to talk my sons into riding it with us :)

Then we headed up to walk across the bridge

We stopped really quick at Front Street Pizza for the boys.

I had Clementines Bakery on my list of places to go in Brooklyn, NY and OH MY GOSH I am SO glad I did. This little bakery is the cutest ever and everything is Vegan, the desserts in the case made me so excited, when I saw Raspberry Poptarts I was ready to scream :) My husband and I picked a bunch of stuff out and shared it with the boys. I LOVED everything we got. I highly recommend going there if you are in Brooklyn. Even if your not Vegan, you would LOVE everything.  They have a wide selection and it changes daily. The prices are very good also! I can't say enough about this bakery, I hope to be able to recreate some of the items for myself, otherwise I need to make a trip to Brooklyn again soon!

This Cinnamon Roll was the best most flavorful one I have ever had!

We then headed to L.B. Spumoni Gardens, this pizza place was featured on Man Vs. Food and Adam Richmond said he grew up in Brooklyn and has tried So many pizzas all over and no-one compares to them, my husband agreed. They have the Sicilian style and new york style and it's the Silician style that you have to try. My boys and my husband loved it! The line was non-stop and they had over 20 pizza ovens going.

After stopping for Pizza in Brooklyn, we headed for New Haven, CT and our first stop was Red Lentil's, a Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant. I am going to be honest, I didn't really enjoy their food or the service that much. I had read about it on someone's blog so it was on my list. The shift was changing and the lady that was there first sat us and never waited on us, we waited 15 minutes for the next girl who just had came in to wait on us.

I had Sweet Potato Fries and Beet-Potato Latkes-these were awful, very earthy tasting, but I finished everything up since I was hungry.

Tom had a Tempeh Reuben with sweet potato fries and wasn't impressed at all with sandwich.

After leaving Red Lentil's, we headed to another pizza place on our list Frank Pepe Pizzeria, featured on Man Vs. Food also.

Gage and Graham really enjoyed the pizza at Pepe's also.

 After Pepe's we headed to Providence, Rhode Island where we had booked one night at the Homewood Suites. We had a long day of driving and stopping so we called it a night.

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