Saturday, July 14, 2012

Philadelphia - Day 2

Sunday morning we got up and walked down to the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall. We had walked down on Saturday, but my husband realized he had his pocket knife on him (he did this in DC and we missed out on going into federal buildings). So this time he left it at the hotel and we explored some of the historical sites.

See that little purple and navy blue dress above so cute right? Well I had one of my most embarrassing moments happen that day. I had used the ladies room at Blackbird Pizzeria and then walked to the Little Italy pizza place not to far from it and when I left the Little Italy pizza place, a couple sitting down kept staring at me and I didn't know why until my husband walked behind me and saw that my dress was tucked into my thong :( I don't know if it happened in the restroom or when I was sitting at the 2nd place. All I know is that my bum was showing, how embarrassing, I can laugh now but this stuff feels like it only happens to me.

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After we went to some of the historical sites we walked over to Blackbird Pizzeria, an all Vegan pizza place. Tom had the Seitan Cheesesteak and I had a piece of Veggie Pizza. Tom said the Seitan Cheesesteak was better than Geno's, but not better than Pat's. He loved it. The pizza was great, the crust is SO good, even Gage tried some of the cheese pizza and liked it. Great service there also!

Blackbird Pizzeria-Vegan pizza

Veggie pizza-they use Daiya Cheese

Seitan Cheesesteak

 After Blackbird Pizzeria we found the boys regular pizza at Little Italy Pizza

All the big cities we have been going to have these little frozen yogurt places that you can put toppings on and have a variety of flavors. The boys always like to stop at them.

Cool wall on our walk to the Art Museum

Art Museum

Rocky Balboa Statue
Graham ran to the top like Rocky :)

One of my favorite places in Philadelphia was Hip City Veg, all vegan and the food was SO good. I had a Crispy Hip City Ranch Chicken sandwich-SO good and no-one would ever know it was vegan chicken!

Crispy Hip City Ranch Chicken Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries

Ziggy Burger
Banana Whips -ripe bananas put in a food processor and whipped, SO good!

 Overall we enjoyed Philadelphia, there was a lot of great food and walking through the city was nice. Being so close to the Reading Terminal was great! It's not one of my favorite cities, so I doubt I will go back again, but I am very glad I did see it!

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