Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last Days of my Vacation

I haven't time to update my blog with the rest of my vacation, so I hope to summarize the rest in this post.

On July 5th before we left Boston, we drove over to Cambridge, MA for breakfast at the Veggie Galaxy for the BEST pancakes I have ever had and they were Vegan!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes made with Tazo Chocolate- SO SO SO SO SO GOOD! The carmelized banana butter that is on top was So incredible!

Tom's -Memorial Drive Omelet-Housemade Seitan Chorizo, Baby Arugula, Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Pickled Jalapeno and Leek with toast and homefries

Pancakes for the boys

Next we drove up to the Nubble Light also known as Cape Neddick Light Station in York, Maine.

We met some people that told us to go to the Portland Lights another lighthouse on the way to Portland.

In Portland, we stopped at Silly's to eat, I found it by searching online for a Vegan place to eat in Portland.

Fabuffel Burger-Vegan) locally made fried falafel topped with hot sauce on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle.

After we checked into the hotel we went down to walk around Portland to the local shops.

We found a pizza place that had vegan dough and it was very good pizza, Portland Pie Company.

The next day we got up and left Portland and drove through New Hampshire on our way to Vermont. We stopped at Wildcat Mountain and we all ziplined. For $20 per person, it was fun, but not as long as I was expecting and it was over and done before I knew it. It was nice for doing it for the first time, but I wouldn't go there again if I had a chance. I would love to zip-line again!

On our way to Vermont we had a small drive through the White Mountain National Forest

I saw signs everywhere but no Moose :(

On the way to Burlington, Vermont where our hotel was, we had planned our visit in Waterbury, VT at Ben & Jerry's Factory Tour. It was a fun experience, we weren't allowed to take pictures during most of the tour. I had called that morning to see if they were making ice cream because the tour is much better to actually watch them make it, and they had said they were, but when we got there and went to buy our tickets, the lady said they weren't, so she gave us the tickets for free, we saved $16, it's $4 per person. I didn't try the ice cream but the boys enjoyed it. They also had a Fire Oven Pizza set up outside selling pizza, so Tom and I had a slice with sauce and spinach on it.

When we got to Burlington, Vermont I had searched for a Vegan place to eat and Zabby's and Elf's Stone Soup came up and Tom and I ordered a few sandwiches that were very good.

Roasted Tofu Sandwich

Seitan Rueben

Right next door we found My Little Cupcake that had Vegan Maple and Peanut Butter cupcakes, they were SO Good!

Next we found The Skinny Pancake that had Vegan Crepes. Honestly they were dry and not as good as I thought they were going to be. Graham had a Nutella one, Gage had a regular one, I had one with fruit and Tom had a supreme vegetable one. All of us weren't satisfied with them at all, not sure if it was the Vegan Crepe it's self.

I wanted Maple Syrup from Vermont to bring home, I use it in a lot of Vegan dessert recipes as the sweetner, I called the front desk at the hotel and they told me about Dakin Farm close by that had a store. Tom and I drove over and tasted different grades of syrup, of course I spilled syrup on my shirt, did I mention that everyday on my trip, I somehow seemed to spill something or end up with a stain, and I try so hard to keep my stuff perfect, lol. We ended up buying Grade A Dark Amber that had the sweetest taste.

We actually decided to leave 1 day early and drive straight home which was a 10 hour drive. Our half way point was Syracuse, New York where Tom had found Strong Hearts Cafe online and I am SO happy that he did. This place was awesome. It was a very small little cafe that had the most beautiful cupcakes and oh they tasted so yummy!!!

Strong Hearts Cafe Chipotle Potato Salad

My Chicken Salad Sandwich and Tom's BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

Vanilla Cupcakes for Gage & Graham

Raspberry Almond Cupcake for Tom

Best milkshakes ever!-Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Peach Cobbler, Vanilla Maple Oreo and Peanut Butter Oreo.

We had a wonderful trip, it went by way too fast! We ate some of the best food ever and it was all Vegan!

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