Saturday, September 22, 2012

Still Busy with Remodeling

It's been a crazy few weeks with painting and working and trying to get everything done. We finished the downstairs bathroom the other day and now we have the family room and sunroom to paint, then we have to go back and paint all of the trim in all of the rooms. I plan on posting pictures when we are all done, hopefully that will be in the near future.

Until then I need to go vacuum because as you can see below my little Miss Haystack likes to chew apart her box and spit out the remnants all over the place, lol.

Oh and we bought my 16 year old son a car! Very exciting!

I wanted his first car to be a big car, something safe. We found this beautiful 1994 Chrysler LHS in Ohio, an older man that had just passed away this year had treated this car like a baby and it shows. It's in beautiful condition and it was very well taken care of. There are only 71,000 miles on it and the body has NO rust. He is happy with it too. We didn't want to go out buying him an expensive car for his first one. It has so much room and is SO comfortable. I already said we should stop renting cars for our weekend trips and take this one :)


  1. Hello! I found you through Casey's blog! :) Your son's car reminds me of my first car- a similar situation- an elderly man had driven it around town for years resulting in very low miles. (It was a Mercury Topaz from the early 90's) :)

    I drove that car all the way through college and into my first year of teaching- and then my sister "bought" it back from my parents. ;) They continued to drive it for years as well.

    Glad you are teaching your son to be responsible with car purchases- too many people get spoiled with cars when they are like 15 and then expect the rest of their lives to be that cushy- resulting in lots of debt.

    Sorry- that is my soap box-haha!

    Happy, save travels!


    1. Thank you so much for your comments! We do believe in teaching our boys to appreciate things and earn things just as we have. The car has been great for him and I hope to pass it to my next son who will be driving next year.
      Thanks again :)