Saturday, September 8, 2012

Things are looking better now in the Painting world :)

A week ago today I had discovered that all the hard work I did had to be started over, but this past week we have a lot of progress and things came out very well. Sometimes you just have to bite your tounge and start over and hope for better results. As I get older I am realizing, getting so upset, and stressed out over everything and letting it really ruin my day doesn't do anything but harm, so I just tell myself let's fix this and we did.

We sanded the whole wall down, 1 long wall, Tom and I together for a few hours, sanded and sanded. There was black dust everywhere, we used a pole sander, little rubber hand sander thingy and I found that just holding a piece of sandpaper in my bare hand worked the best for me. I had the paint dust in my eyes, nose, mouth. I was stupid and didn't wear a mask. The next day I still had the dust taste in my mouth, and coming out of my eyes and nose, not good. It took a long time to get everything clean and I am still wiping up the black dust in spots I didn't realize it go to. Thankfully my furniture was already covered from painting.

 Before we started sanding, Tom put the first coat of the medium gray color which is Cobblestone Path by Bejamin Moore on, this went on perfectly with no problems.

See my kitty Coffy on that box, that's one of the boxes my chairs came in and I don't know how I am going to get rid of it, he loves that box.

We went to Home Depot and bought the new paint and primer for the Dark Gray wall. The paint color I picked was Behr's Pencil Point. For the primer we used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer Sealer that someone from Home Depot recommended. When stirring Tom this glob of stuff, we called Home Depot they said if we want to bring it back, they had no idea what we were talking about. I wish Department Paint stores would put experienced painters in there, there are a few, but all of them should be. Luckily the guy who is doing the work for us here happened to be here and told us it's completely normal and to just take it out.

 This primer goes on very runny compared to the paint. Some spots wouldn't even hold the primer and we started to panic, but then just rolled over it again. We let it dry overnight and it was ready to paint.

Here is a quick picture of the wall with my table and chairs. I LOVE IT! I can't wait to get art on the wall and some decor around it. I ordered 1 more green chair to even them out. I love having so much more room at the table. We finally sold our other table after posting it online a few times.

Behr paint was on sale last week at Home Depot so I picked my colors for the downstairs family room. Behr's Sunny Summer (the brightest yellow I have ever seen) and Behr's Espresso Beans, a very dark brown. I wanted to go with dark gray and yellow so much but even though I do have a gray couch in the sunroom, I have the dark brown couch in the family room, I am regretting this as I type it, I wish I could have just bought the dark gray and moved my couches. In the sunroom I have a burnt orange color that we are going to go with a bright orange and I thought my dark gray couch would look good with that. Dark Gray is my favorite paint color. If I have any yellow left, I will do one yellow wall in my bedroom and the rest dark gray.

My office at work is painted bright yellow, one shade lighter than Sunny Summer which I thought was the brightest yellow ever lol till I picked this one. The one in my office is Behr Bright Star.

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