Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Surprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix - Gluten Free, Non-GMO & SO YUMMY!

For my birthday a good friend of mine bought me a Belgian waffle maker and this 2 pack of waffle mix Surprisingly Vegan Waffle Mix and let me tell you, I LOVE THIS! The waffles come out perfect, the texture of the waffle is absolutely right on and the one thing I love the most is the little grains that I can see in the waffles, I am guessing this is from the English Walnuts and Ground Flax Seeds that are in the mix. This mix makes perfect fluffy waffles!

The ingredients listed on the box are Gluten-Free Oats, English Walnuts, Ground Flaxseed, Crystallized Coconut Palm Nectar, Sea Salt and Vanilla Beans

I have been eating waffles for dinner on some nights, 1 waffle really fills me up!

The best thing is you only add water and you are ready to make some YUMMY waffles :)

On Amazon you can get 2 boxes for $16.99
  • Pack of two, 20-ounce boxes (40-ounces total) of Surprisingly Vegan Original Recipe Gluten-Free Waffle Mix
  • Each box makes approximately ten waffles (56-gram/serving); 20 servings total
  • Vegan (contain no animal products)
  • Wheat free, gluten-free and kosher
  • Delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare -- just add water!
 I was just researching the waffle mix and found this right here. Also to read more about the product and the company, their website is here.

The Waring Belgian Waffle Maker is incredible also. The model I have is the WWM450PC. My husband melts some Earth Balance Vegan Butter and that's all he needs to put down on the non-stick surface using a basting brush. I don't add any more butter to the waffle and just use Organic Maple Syrup. The setting used to make our waffles is 5 1/2, this made a very light crisp on outside and a soft, fluffy, airy inside.

Now I am craving waffles :)

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