Friday, May 11, 2012

Forks Over Knives.........big impact in my house!

Last Saturday, the weather was nice outside and my husband and I planned on doing some yard work, but for some reason I remembered a movie that I wanted to watch and suggested it. The movie is Fork Over Knives. Let me tell you before watching this, I already knew so many health problems could be cured and eliminated by eating only vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans. I have believed that for many years now. I still learn things all the time, and this movie reinforced the truth, the facts and studies that eating a plant based diet will STOP health problems! My husband who I have said before is the biggest meat eater and has said to me many times that he will never ever give up meat...well let's just say this movie turned him around. The studies they did, the proof they had about Norway's health problems declining so low when World World II took place and Germany occupied Norway and took their Dairy and Meat sources. The health issues returned and increased afterwards. That alone right there should be an eyeopener, along with all the other studies they did and are still doing. This movie left me wanting to share it with everyone I know, any one who will listen! So many people DO NOT want to listen, it's amazing how fast they want to get away from you when you tell them about it, almost like I am crazy, no I am educated now and have experienced it for my own self. It's a shame that the FDA is making so much money on medicines that they would NEVER admit that eating what we have already would fix problems so easily. God didn't even medicines, humans did, the health problems are increasing, the weight issues are increasing especially in children.

So after this movie we watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and my husband was more convinced then ever. He stopped eating meat on Sunday and lost 12 pounds already, he is eating a lot of food, just healthy food! He has problems with heartburn, digestion issues, headaches daily every day, etc. I know in my heart if he sticks to this, all of his problems will go away. He has said he will probaly eat meat again but doesn't know, he wants to see what happens. I have never pushed my eating on him or my children, but I am going to start making small changes in my kids foods. I did buy Hormone free skim milk but I told them after what is left, never again. I am only buying Almond, Soy and Coconut Milks. Small changes slowly that will affect their health as well. I don't want them not to be able to eat the foods they enjoy, but at the same time I want them to be healthy. If they make changes now, they can make even a bigger difference in their lives since they are younger.

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