Friday, May 25, 2012

So thankful it's FRIDAY :)

I am so glad the weekend is here and also that I have Monday off. We don't really have any big plans but sometimes it's just nice to stay home. Sunday we are going to drive to Cleveland which is 1.5 hours away so we can stock up on food from Trader Joes and Whole Foods. I love the selections there. I have been reading so much and also watching more documentaries on organic plant based eating.

Tom has lost 20lbs since May 5th! He looks incredible, his skin is glowing, his heartburn is completely gone! He was on prescription heart burn medicine for years and years and now takes no medicine at all. He has so much energy! He even gave up tobacco and can't believe how much easier it is this time. He did buy the fake tobacco to mix in with real so he could slowly stop, but he has been doing it without it. He swears that also is from being on a plant based diet. He is so motivated and feels so good. I am so happy for him. I haven't seen him feel good like this for so long.

Tonight we went for a long walk again, it feels so good to be outside. The weather has been really hot, today was 88 degrees! We have been walking and running almost every night. It feels good and my body is loving it.

We also have been watching more documentaries and wow I learn so much every time I watch them. The latest ones we have watched are Food Matters, Gerson Miracle, and Rip Engine 2. All of them were so good!

35 more days until we leave for our vacation. I am so excited!

Some good food I had this week :)

Tom made homemade Raviolis with the filling made out of the textured vegetable protein that we used for the Sloppy Joes and he made homemade sauce with tomatoes, zucchini, onions, peppers and more. It was So delicious. He took the leftover wheat buns and made garlic toast which was incredible.

Just plain corn on the cob-it was so sweet it didn't need anything on it.

Dinner tonight was stuffed tomatoes (leftover vegan meatloaf made from Vegetables, oatmeal, TVP, spices), baked then grilled Sweet Potatoes, grilled Asparagus and purple onions-SO GOOD and SO much flavor!

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