Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1 more work day :)

Tomorrow is my last day until my 11 days of vacation starts, I am So happy! Friday I plan to clean my house, get all the laundry done, pack everything and snuggle with all my kitty cats! I am going to miss them like crazy! They hate when we leave and if I think about it a lot I could cry, they are my babies! I even call them on the answering machine to let them hear my voice and tell them Mommy will be home soon, I know that may sound weird but I really believe they understand ;)

Coffy sitting so majestically -he is going to miss his Mommy the most :( 

Enterprise called and said we could pick up the van today, 2 days early and not be charged for the 2 extra days, cool! We were hoping we would get a van like this again, tv and so much room. It's a Chrysler Town and Country. This is the first time we paid for the extra insurance. With my 2 accidents in 2 years and being cancelled from my former auto insurance,  I can't take any risks anymore :( It was $16.99 per day but they guy knocked off 5%. It's worth it though because he said most people don't realize that if you wreck the rental car and it's in the shop for a few weeks or however long, your responsible for paying each day for it. They also said if we were to have an accident with someone and they had to lose work because of it and sued us for loss of wages, our normal car insurance would not cover it. Tom had even talked to the insurance agent when he was doing the paper work for our new insurance and they also had explained this. So as painful as it was for me to pay for something I don't think we will need, it's reassuring to know if we do need it, it's there. All these years of renting cars, we assumed everything was covered.

For dinner tonight we had southwest tofu scramble and Field Roast Mexican Chipolote Sausage. How nasty does this block of tofu look before it turned into the fablous scramble. I know your thinking tofu =gross, but honestly if my husband loves it, anyone would if it's made certain ways with the right spices.

I admit Tofu looks So Gross out of the package

We are going on our 5 mile walk in a little bit and check my new shoes out...3rd times a charm? I returned the Brooks Pure Cadence after my right leg went numb running on the treadmill, I know I should have given them more time. Back to Under Armour, I admit I love their style better. I got these on sale on the Under Armour site, marked down from $86.99 to $74.99 and also 10% back to my Discover Card for linking to their site. Look at my big momma staring up at me....that gorgeous girl's name is Haystack (we adopted her from a shelter they said she was found in a barn on a hay-wagon and the farmer did not want her there so we kept her name)

UA Micro G Strut Running Shoes
Well I better get moving on my walk, have a great evening!


  1. That is such a cute raccoon! I would want to hold it ( I know that wouldn't be a good idea lol). I am such an animal lover too! Great pictures!

  2. I think I've just found just as crazy animal lover as I am! I love all animals, they are the cutest things in this world. And Coffy is so handsome! :)

    I wish you a wonderful vacation! I wish I could go for one too but I just started this job so I don't think I can. Boo!