Sunday, June 3, 2012

Field Roast Frankfurters - SOOOOO YUMMY!

Wow this Vegan hotdog is the best hotdog I personally ever have had and Tom said it was his 3rd, he puts Heid's Hotdogs, Liverpool, NY and Otto's in Portland, Oregon as his top 2 then this one which is Vegan, so that says a lot about these. I don't usually eat Vegan meat because I don't miss meat, but I have had a few Vegan hotdogs and they are pretty much plain and rubbery and not worth eating. The brands I have had are Morningstar (discontinued) and Tofurkey Veggie Dog-both were not good at all unless I put tons of mustard and onions on them.

But this Field Roast brand is remarkable! It taste so good and it's scary how much it taste like a real hot dog. We also had their Apple & Sage Smoked Sausage and Mexican Chipolte Sausage, the Apple one was unbelievable! We are going to stock up on these when we go back to Whole Foods Market. You can check out Field Roast here.

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