Friday, June 1, 2012

A little bit about me..............

I thought I would make this post about who I am and a little bit about my life.

I grew up in Sharpsville, PA. My mom divorced my father when I was 3 years old and has been with Mark ever since. My mom had my brother Bill with my father who is 3 years older than me and then two more children with Mark, who are my brothers Kyle 23 and Matthew who is almost 20. I had to visit my real father in Franklin, PA every other weekend growing up. Even though it was a 35-40 minute drive, it felt like I was forever away from my mom. I was always homesick on the weekends and my dad thought it was fun to tell me I wasn't going home, which I believe has affected me somewhat today, meaning I get homesick or worry a lot if I am far away. Luckily, my dad's girlfriend had a daughter that was a year younger than me so we played together when I would visit.

I spent most of my summers in Dallas, Texas with my two aunts that live there. Those 3 months, I was homesick but they kept me so busy everyday. One aunt loved to party and take me to the pool, the other aunt was more serious and strict so they both balanced me out. I believe I am who I am today because of my more strict aunt. She taught be to be cheap with money and she made me do chores every summer that I was there, and she loved to travel. We went to Europe together when I was 16. My mom is very relaxed and laid back so I never did anything when I was at home, which I regret now, but you know how we are when we are teenagers.

I have always loved animals so much, most of all cats! I have 5 indoor cats now and 1 outdoor cat. My heart is so big and I have so much love to give animals. I wish more than anything now that I would have went to school for something that had to do with taking care of animals.

When I was 6 years old, I remember talking to my uncle in Texas on the phone and I remember telling him I can't wait to get married someday! I always wanted a boyfriend who I was with for so long and then get married. I went through so many silly boyfriend/girlfriend relationships that don't even count as serious, but finding someone to spend my life is what I always wanted.

I met Tom in high school. We both went to public schools for grade school and middle school then we met at Kennedy Christian high school, a private Catholic school ( we both aren't Catholic). He was a sophomore and I was a freshman. He was the bad boy type and I was the good girl type. Something about him, I liked. He wasn't snobby and didn't think he was better than anyone else.We were total opposites and that's what I think attracted us to each other. The end of my sophomore year, the last day of school, he took my phone number. I was going to Texas and Europe all summer so we never did talk until I came back my Junior year. I had spent the night at my friend Megan's house and went to school with her the next morning. There was a van that would take them to school and it picked us up at Mister Donuts. That's where I sat across from Tom. From then on out we have been together. He proposed to me my junior year but we married right after I graduated. I got pregnant with Gage on my honeymoon and got pregnant with Graham when Gage was 13 months old. We have gone through so much together and have worked out everything. I believe marriage is something you need to give and give and give. I can't ever imagine being without him.

I went to Thiel College when Gage was 5 months old. I started out with my degree in Elementary Education and the 2nd year changed it to Management Information Systems and Business Administration. I have always been very good with computers, so this felt like what was meant for me.

I worked and went to school full time and raised two little boys, I don't know how I did all of that back then. My great aunt and my mom helped watch my boys while Tom worked and I was in school. We were lucky to have them to help us. Tom and I both worked our way up from 3 apartments to our third house 4 years ago. We have been lucky to travel to many places over all of these years. We take our sons with us on almost every trip. I want them to see as much as they can of the world. Time goes by way too quickly and I want to treasure every moment with them.

I am now Vice President at Paramount Ticket in Wheatland, PA. We print and produce tickets of all sorts for events all over the United States. I love my job, it never gets boring. The stuff we do is very cool, but also very private, so I can not talk about it on here.

My personality is very somewhat shy at first, I am getting better as I get older, but always have been shy until I get to know you and then I can talk forever. I get very hyper and act silly, but am very mature when I need to be. I care so much about people's feelings, in fact I get taken advantage a lot for the way I am. I can't seem to stay mad at all, I cry easily but get over things very quickly. I find that to be a bad thing only because people hurt me and I seem to forgive. I don't have any real girlfriends, too many have back-stabbed me so it's hard for me to trust women. That is a sad thing, I see so many people with great friendships,which I used to have when I was younger, but now it's hard when you have a family and I want to spend all of my free time with them. I do miss having a girlfriend to confide in and talk to, but again I have had a lot of issues with this. As I said before I love animals and want to hold and cuddle them,this can be bad when I want to hold and cuddle a wild animal lol, I don't but I want to :)

That's all for now :)

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