Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nutmeg can be toxic!

Sunday night Tom and I were in the mood for something sweet. Other than the Smoothies we have been making, we haven't made any desserts for a few weeks. Tom has made a Apple Crisp dessert that is so good made with Oats, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Apples, Lemon Juice & more. He changed it up a bit and added strawberries in replace of some of the apples. We were so excited to try it, we went on our workout and came home as it was cooling down. The taste had a very bitter taste, almost not edible, but at the same time some of it was worth eating so we ate it. We thought that the lemon he had squeezed for the juice was just tart. I hate two little bowls full of it and he ate a few also. Then 2 hours later we went to bed.

I woke up SO dizzy and SO out of it. I have had sugar hangovers before when I have had too much sugar, I have ran into things when walking and it affects me a lot. We have been eating so clean with hardly any sugar so I thought the symptoms I was having was from this. I looked in the mirror and my eyes were so puffy and bloodshot. I was SO tired and also felt like I was buzzing from alcohol. I felt drunk in a way. I knew that I could not even drive the way I was feeling. My son was going to work with me, so luckily he was driving. All day at work I felt so bad, so thirsty, so nauseated and the whole day felt tired and that drunk feeling. I talked to Tom and he was feeling the same way. I came home and took a nap and started to feel a little better as he was starting to feel worse because he finished off the dessert that morning. He was telling me over and over how horrible he felt.

I then started to make a batch of porridge for the morning, it takes Buckwheat Groats and you soak them in water for at least an hour, then you drain them and put them in the blender with Almond Milk, Agave nectar, Cinnamon and more. I went to measure out the cinnamon and the smell hit me, I thought this is what our dessert smelled like last night, it was so strong, I turn the jar around and it's Nutmeg! I said Tom is this what you used for the dessert and he said yes, I used 2 tablespoons! I looked it up right away, Side Effects of Nutmeg, and you can have hallucinations and so much more, I think that we didn't get that much of it, but we defiantly got enough to make the next day feel like we were drugged or drunk. I finally today right now feel better, this morning I was still so tired. It really shows when you detox your body of all the bad stuff and then slip and eat something that is too much, the symptoms are havoc on your body. It was a very bad day yesterday for me, I couldn't even workout last night. Here is one link on how bad it can be for you.

One good thing though, Tom made another dessert SUGAR Free and NUTMEG FREE!

This Raw Strawberry Cashew Cake is INSANE! It's SO SO SO SO good and looks so pretty! We need to get a spring-form cake pan to make it perfect but it came out lovely and so tasty! Here is where I got the recipe

I can't wait to make this with blueberries, raspberries and cherries!

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