Sunday, June 17, 2012

One of those weekends........

Maybe I just should have went back to bed Saturday morning when things started happening lol. I do all of my major cleaning on Saturday morning, I work for hours getting all the rooms spotless and all in order. A lot of the time, I try to get little things done that I don't normally think cleaning that little filter on the front of the front loader washing machine....on mine it's right down in the bottom right corner. I cleaned it one time last I thought wow it's time to clean that! I pulled it out and water comes out everywhere but it was manageable...I got it all cleaned out and then go to clean the filter and surprisingly there was hardly anything on it...I read on the little door that says make sure you tighten it to prevent I turn it clockwise like it says until it stops...tightened.....I put a load of clothes in and go out in the other room and start to I am vacuuming I look over and see a puddle of water coming towards me! I start to cry..I can't believe this..I flooded the whole bathroom downstairs and now part of the family room. Gage woke up from hearing me crying and asked me what happened. He went and got me more towels and I used every single one of them. My husband just got in the door from work and helped me, we had to pull the filter out and let even more water out in order to put it back in. What a mess! We had to move the washer and dryer and get behind there to clean up all the water, but within an hour, everything was back to normal and I was washing clothes again...I don't think I will ever clean that filter again :)

Then I went grocery shopping at Walmart and decided to make a deposit while I was there. The teller was a young man and when I handed him the 2 checks and the savings book, I could tell this wasn't going to be easy just by the way he took it off of me and it was almost like I was his first customer ever. I am a very patient and super friendly person so 10 minutes of standing there wondering what he was doing really got to me. I said I am sorry what is taking so long for the deposit and he said I made a mistake. He said what is your balance, I got really angry and I said what do you mean what is my balance! He said was your last deposit a big one, I said it shows you right there in the book what the last deposit is, he was making me a nervous wreck! When it comes to money, I am tight and down to the penny on things. I know if something is a penny off, I am the type of person who will go back for a few cents if I am shorted. Money adds up. So anyways he hands me the deposit receipt and the last digit is hand written on the account number! I said what is this! I said you can't write over the receipt, I need a receipt showing my account number with this deposit. I logged in my phone right there to see if the deposit was there and it wasn't and I said that to him and then he said he it should be now and it was. I said I am sorry if I have been rude but this is serious when it comes to money. He didn't even apologize or anything. I came home logging in my account to make sure my balance was right and it was. Wow!

After I brought the groceries home from Walmart because it was hot outside, I went to Aldi's. Someone gave me a buggy and told me to pass it on when I was done. I went to give my buggy to a lady and she had just received one as a pass on and told me to just leave it by the buggies someone would take it. As I got in my car, I saw the buggy heading towards parked cars!!! OMG I did not make it in time and luckily it didn't hit the cars it went between them and stopped, I tried to do a good deed and almost made more of a mess.

Yesterday was a bad day but everything is fine today, just a lazy day here. We drove to Wexford last night to the Whole Foods Market they just opened up, it's an hour drive, quicker then Cleveland. It's depressing that we have to drive so far for groceries. We bought 2 cases of Field Roast Hotdogs and Sausages. If you buy anything at Whole Foods in a case, you get 10% off.  I also went to Dick's Sporting Goods and tried on running shoes. I tried on Asics GT 2170, Mizuno Wave Rider 15, Brooks PureCadence, and Saucony Kinvara 3. The most comfortable ones were the Saucony Kinvara 3 but I did not like the style, the next ones in line were the Brooks PureCadence, so I came home and ordered those online with the Finish Line $20 off coupon and 10% cashback to my Discover. They are cute and comfortable. I run on the front of my feet while Tom runs heel strike first and told me that's how I am suppose to run, I tried so hard to and couldn't, I found out last night talking to the guy it's better the way I run on my body so I needed a shoe that goes with how I run. I never knew so much about running shoes. I also ran on their track to make sure I was running in the right shoe. I am glad I tried them all on and compared them, I tend to try to pick the cutest ones out instead of the comfort, that's what happened with the Under Armour ones.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15 on left (awesome yellow and built with quality) Brooks PureCadence on right (feel incredible and very light and style is great)

Brooks PureCadence, Mizuno Wave Rider 15, Asics GT 2170

Saucony Kinvera 3 -These felt the best out of all the shoes but I just didn't like the design

Case of Field Roast Sausages

Case of Field Roast Frankfurters

Today's Father's Day Dinner (homemade Vegan Chili, Field Roast Frankfurters, Homemade hot dog buns)

Incredible!!! Best Chili Dog I ever had!

Tom Chili Dog

Tom and I both bought a container of SO Delicious Vegan Ice Cream. I bought Butter Pecan and he bought Mocha Fudge, we had a small bowl last night but finished the containers a few hours ago :) it was SO Good! I just worked out super hard on the treadmill to make up for it. I might have to buy this by the case at Whole Foods next time. They have so many varieties there, we carry only Vanilla and Chocolate around here so it was a real treat!

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