Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation has officially started :)

This morning my husband came home early from work and surprised me that he was off tonight, that way in the morning when we get up, we can leave at 4 am instead of 6 am and he will be driving and not sleeping. I really wasn't too excited about driving the approx 7 hours to Philadelphia. He loves to drive since he does it for a living (truck driver).

This morning he thought it would be funny to just come home and scare me. He tried to sneak behind the house and look in the sun-room window but I wasn't in there so he came in the house, I heard the alarm system beep and I said Tom, no answer, I said Tom still no answer, scared to death wondering who I am going to see in the kitchen, I walked up anyways and there he was with a big smile on his face telling me he found someone to cover for him tonight. Everything worked out perfectly.

Today for lunch we finally went to this little Vegan restaurant in Boardman, Ohio that I have been wanting to go to for awhile. Ely's To Go which is owned by this very friendly couple who are also Vegan and everything there is Vegan. I had called earlier and the guy was going to hold stuff for us since it sells out fast and they make everything fresh daily. I thought we would be fine not to pre order it but they were out of the steak sandwiches that Tom was so excited to try. We split the Black Rice Burger with Guacamole, 2 spring rolls, a triple berry muffin and some Red Roasted Tomato Barley soup. EVERYTHING was incredible. The triple berry muffin was to die for, we ended up buying the last one and also a Chocolate Chip Pistachio cookie to go. It's best to call and see what they are having for the day and ask them to hold it. It's a 45 minute drive for us and they close early, starting in July they close at 4 pm so I will have to work early so I can get over there on a weekday, they are closed on the weekends. Their daughter has a blog Eat Pure, she blogs about Vegan foods while traveling. I am so glad we went and I look forward to going back. The guy even offered to let us buy the Vegan Chicken and Vegan Mock Sliced Beef by the 5lb bags, so we ordered a few through him. I highly recommend this place, even if your not Vegan, the food is incredible and the service just tops it off to being a PERFECT place to go :)

I love how they have it decorated, such a cute place!
their menu changes daily, everything is freshly made every day

only 2 left and we got them, Perfect!

Next time I want to try this :)

The owner let us try this by it's self (it was in the spring roll also) I could NOT believe how much it taste like real chicken.

We ordered a 5lb bag from the owner of this and the chicken

Black Rice Burger with Guacamole on Ciabatta Roll
Spring Roll -made with rice noodles, soy chicken, lettuce, cucumbers + cilantro with a hoisin dipping sauce

Roasted Red Pepper Tomato & Barley Soup
incredible! So fresh and so much flavor!
Triple Berry Muffin-There were only 2 left and we grabbed the last one after sharing this one.
Chocolate Chip Pistacchio Cookie-SO GOOD!

Now that we are nice and full from a wonderful lunch, we are packing everything up for tomorrow. We bought a new cooler and tons of snacks for the road trip. I bought the Fifty Shades of Grey Books to read on the way, I am very excited to read these after hearing so much about how good they are.

I saw this sweater today on Jcrew and I want it so badly! It's dry clean only which I do not like and try to avoid buying stuff that is, but I love this! If I see this on vacation, I might splurge and buy it.

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