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BluePrint Cleanse - 3 days of Prep before starting our 6 day Cleanse

My husband and I have always wanted to do a juice cleanse together, ever since we watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. We went out and bought a Breville Juice, all the ingredients to make a green juice, then literally that was it, we made the juice, drank it and we were done. It wasn't that we didn't like it, we did, just the time and effort to do it, we lacked.

I have read so many reviews online about the BluePrint Cleanse. This seems to be the highest rated one, but the price is what really kept me away from it. Then it went on sale on Gilt City, the biggest percentage off was for the 12 day cleanse that was $585 which is 25% off. This does not include the shipping. Shipping overnight with a cooler is $10 per day per person. It does say on the Gilt City site description that it can be split into 4 - 3 day cleanses. I still made a phone call to BluePrint to make sure that my husband and I both would be able to do a 6 day cleanse with this 12 day package. The guy assured me that yes, the way the voucher codes work with this, is you have to enter them in 4 times, 1 for each order. He also told me that when BluePrint offers a discount that it's usually 10-15% off, so I knew I was getting a deal. I was in the car on our way to Whole Foods in Wexford, I didn't want to wait any longer because some of the packages were already sold out, so I completed the order and then said OMG I just spent all this money on juice, it was hard to justify that much money for a total of 72 plastic bottles of juice. My husband and I decided to do the Excavation Cleanse which is the highest level one, because we both are vegans so we have already detoxed a lot of the bad stuff out by changing the way we eat.

When I got to Whole Foods, I went straight to the juices and sure enough there was BluePrint Cleanse Juices,

 I got really upset because I knew right then, if I had waited until I got there, I would save the $120 in shipping. I sat there with my phone calculating how much I would spend at WholeFoods vs. Gilt City + Shipping. I figured out that I would need 4 cases of the green juice which would give me 10% off each case, 1 case of the lemonade, and 1 case of the cashew milk. This would bring my total now to $616 vs. $705 ($585+$120 shipping). I then assured myself that:

#1. Whole Foods probably didn't carry that many cases of juice since it expires within 6 days, so we would either not have enough juice, or we would have to drive back down 1 hour and 10 minutes one way to get the 2nd batch of our juice supply.
#2. We were not ready at that moment to start juicing, you have to prepare 3 days before and we had not.
#3. We were going to be getting our juices freshly made at our doorstep along with emails supporting and tips included during our first juicing cleanse.

I got home and saw in my email that Ebates had already applied the 4% cashback award to my account for linking to Gilt City, so that was $23.40 off bringing my total now to $681.60 which is $56.80 per person per day. This sounded a little better :)

Day 1 of Prep- May 30th, 2013

I normally only have 1 cup of coffee every morning and that is my only caffiene for the day, I drink water with lemon in it the rest of the day. So today I woke up and made green tea instead. I put 2 tea bags with 12 oz of water and brought it to work. I packed my lunch with fruits and veggies like I normally do, just leaving out the Clif Crunch bar and nuts that I usually include. I finished my green tea in the morning when I got to work and felt a little tired. Around 9:00 am I snacked on my organic cucumbers and really enjoyed them, it's amazing how much better organic foods taste, the flavor is so much more defined.

Snacks for work- Organic Celery, Cucumbers, Red Grapes, Clementine and Red Delicious Apple

Steamed Broccoli and Mixed Greens covered with Guacamole

Within another hour I ate my organic red grapes, then went for a walk at lunch time. I could tell I felt alittle less energetic than I normally do. I came in from my walk and ate a clementine. When I got home I ate my apple and never did eat the celery. I felt very tired when I got home from work but I didn't take a nap.

For dinner Tom made me steamed organic broccoli with organic mixed greens covered in the guacamole he had made the day before, it tasted so good! I still felt very tired after supper, so I drank another cup of green tea.

After dinner, we went for a walk in the park, I started to feel a little more energetic. I came home and had a small cup of orange juice and then I felt great.

2nd Day Prep-May 31, 2013

I was wide awake at 3 am and had a hard time falling back asleep. I finally did and then didn't want to get up at 4:30 when my alarm went off. I got up and had a banana and orange juice and felt great. Even before my green tea, I felt very good. I made a 12 oz cup of green tea to take to work with me and I sipped on it all morning. I had to make myself eat my grapes and cucumbers before noon, usually I am always snacking away but this time I had no appetite. I went for my afternoon walk during my lunch break and couldn't believe how good I felt.

In the afternoon I ate 2 clementines and then for supper I had steamed broccoli, edamame, and mixed green salad with only orange zest and pieces of orange, this was incredible! I never had orange on my salad and it was very tasty! I got a lot of my housework done also, so my energy level is a lot more than it has been in the past when I tried to give up coffee.

Our juices arrived today a little after 10:30 and my husband just got home so they didn't sit outside, thankfully because it's almost 90 here. When he opened them they were still very cold, and he put them all in the refridgerator. He texted me at work asking me if we want to start tomorrow instead of Sunday and drive to Whole Foods to buy the juices we would need for Tuesday since our next delivery is Tuesday, I told him no, we need to do our 3 day prep. That cashew milk is going to get me through everyday, looking forward to it so much!

3rd day of Prep - June 1st, 2013 (Juicing Starts tomorrow)

I woke up at 3 am this morning again, wide awake, I finally fell back asleep until a little after 5. Even on the weekends, I don't sleep in. Sleeping in for me would be 7 am lol. This morning I had a banana and orange juice again with a cup of green tea. I did a lot of cleaning and laundry. I thought about food a lot today, I love my husband's cooking so much and it feels like I will never eat it again but it's only 9 more days to go not counting today. You have to slowly eat other foods after juicing, you pretty much have to do the prep after juicing to get your body used to solids again. I am just day dreaming about his homemade chili and cornbread, biscuits, my lemon cookies, his deep dish vegan pizza, omg I am hungry. I just nibbled on some celery right now and for lunch it will be steamed broccoli.

I did weigh myself today and I have lost 4lbs already just from 2 days of prepping, I wasn't doing the juicing for weight loss more of a detox and cleansing. I don't think it's healthy to lose weight really fast so I hope I don't lose too much more when juicing.

For lunch I had steamed broccoli, then we went to the store and bought stuff to make salads. We also bought some more organic red grapes. Nothing seems to be satisfying me today.

-this afternoon my husband and I admitted that we regret doing this, what did we get ourselves into, we spent so much money on this and now we wish we wouldn't have. We have been so tired and hungry today, today has been the worst. I had a few teaspoons of Earth Balance Peanut Butter, it was like a little happy party in my mouth. The taste was so incredible. I miss food so much, yes I am still eating food and haven't even started the juicing but I already miss all the meals that Tom would make me. This feels like torture, hopefully it gets better after we start to juice..why did I pick 6 days again? lol

Tom opened up a bag of almonds and cashews, these are raw right? I had a small amount, I feel like I cheated on the prep but it doesn't say you can't have those, I really wish they would have given a lot more foods that you can eat. I think the main thing is to cut out processed foods, dairy and meat (which we don't eat anyways), sugar and coffee.

Today we took a break from working out, we workout 6 days a week so it was our normal day off.

Looking forward to starting the juicing tomorrow!

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