Sunday, June 2, 2013

BluePrint Cleanse - Day 1 of 6 Review

Well it's 9:17 pm and I made it through the first day of juicing and let's just say the only thing that made this day better was the last drink #6 Cashew Milk. Today was VERY hard and very depressing. I miss food so much and the smell of everything that my kids are eating is driving me crazy lol. I came upstairs to get water and my oldest son was eating some spicy french fries and the smell of the spices was so intense. My sense of smell is so strong, it was after being vegan but I swear the 3 day prep and today juicing made it even stronger.

I honestly felt like I wanted to give up after today, drinking only liquid is crazy to me now and then I wonder what is the point if I am going to go back to eating the way I was before which was very good but I did eat vegan burgers, vegan sausage, etc. I guess I am resetting my body and cleansing out everything bad that is still in there. I feel very good right now but I did feel so drained today. I could barely lift my dumbells and do my lunges, my legs felt so weak.

I went out to my mom's house tonight to help her with her garden and I just felt very drained. My husband and I both joked with each other today about how crazy we were to do this and that we had to finish since we spent a lot of money on it, if it wasn't for the money I might stop because I miss food that much.

There are 4 green juices, 1 spicy lemonade and the cashew (dream) milk. The green juice is tolerable, it's not horrible and it's not great, it's ok. I got it down easy and was thankful there was some sweetness from the apple in it. The lemonade was very good and a nice change. The cashew milk was SO good and tasty! It fulfilled everything and made it all better. Tomorrow is Monday so the rest of the week I will be at work for most of the day so hopefully keeping very busy will keep my mind away from this and hopefully the week goes fast.

I am down 5lbs already from the 3 day prep and today. I know it's water weight though. I will let you know how the rest of the week goes! Wish me luck!

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