Friday, June 7, 2013

Blueprint Cleanse Day 6 Last Day Review

Today is the last day and I feel VERY good! I know I ate some raw food on day 5, but I should probably have just started out with a 3 day cleanse. It was tough, I had said I was feeling some regret on Day 3 but now I look back and it wasn't that bad, the juices were VERY good so it wasn't like I was making myself drink something that tasted awful. It's funny because now I am not craving all of the stuff I was before, so I guess that's a good thing!

 I will miss the Cashew Milk for sure! My skin has a very nice glow, my body looks good, I didn't need to lose weight but I lose any bloating I might have had and a few pounds on top of that. I have felt alert all week with NO caffeine. I feel light, clear minded, in a great mood but that's my normal nature anyways.

Overall I think this has been a great experience and will get me back on track of eating more raw foods.

I would recommend anyone try a 3 day BluePrint Cleanse before doing it any longer.

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