Tuesday, June 4, 2013

BluePrint Cleanse Review Day 3 of 6 - Can't wait for this to be over

Today has been really tough, I feel like I regret doing this. I have lost 7lbs since last Thursday when I started the prep, so that's 6 days I have lost 7lbs and I really didn't need to lose any weight. My husband looks sickly and he is a big guy, under 1000 calories for him just does not seem right. He has lost 10lbs already.

We received our 2nd batch of juice today for the next 3 days. I really can't wait until they are gone lol. I miss food! My husband completed day 2 since he is on midnight shift he is a little behind me on this, he just got up and ate a handful of cashews and felt so much better. He is going to finish the juices with some raw veggies to help increase some of his calories.

So far the Pro's of this are

The juice is organic and full of really good stuff
The juices are VERY good! 
I feel very alert at times and I haven't had any caffeine
My skin has a glow and my hair is shinier
My stomach is very flat
I don't feel hungry 

The Cons are
Not enough calories a day
Very pricey
Losing too much weight too fast
My mouth is very dry all the time even if I drink a lot of water
I have headaches on and off
My eyes feel different, almost like they are starving for food
Even though I don't feel hungry my mind wants food

Overall this just isn't for me. I am a vegan so I already eat healthy, maybe this is for someone who wants to lose weight fast and also for people who don't eat healthy to get back on track.

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