Monday, June 3, 2013

BluePrint Cleanse Day 2 of 6 Review

I haven't had caffeine since Saturday and I feel a lot better than I thought I would. When I started juicing Sunday I just didn't have the cup of green tea and even though I was drained, I related that to the juicing. Today was much better, I felt a lot better, more alert and my face has a glow to it. I swear my hair looks more shiny also. I have lost 6lbs already, I really don't want to lose anymore weight. I need to make myself drink more water, I haven't been drinking the 12 oz between every juice, I do drink water just not enough. I noticed I am very thirsty all of the time between the juices.

I was fine at work with the juices, I drank juice #1 at 6 am this morning before I left for work, then I took #2-#4 with me in the cooler that they provided with 5 ice packs that came with it. My juice was VERY cold. I drank Juice #2 at 9 am, Juice #3 at noon and then #4 at 1:30. When I came home I had #5 then went for a walk for an hour.  I noticed on my walk it was a little harder walking up the hill that I have no problem with any other time. My body isn't getting enough calories I can tell so I can't wait until this is over with so I can eat more.

Even though I don't feel hungry while drinking the juices and even between them, the smell of food is driving me crazy! On our walk we smelled someone cooking on the grill and then in the park we could smell the food coming from the country club. Our sense of smell is crazy right now and that's what makes it so hard, smelling food. It doesn't help either that my husband and I talk about all kinds of food when we walk. He has so many things he wants to cook for me, I can't wait!

When I came home I had #6 which is my absolute favorite the Cashew Milk. The Cashew milk has little chunks that didn't mix up well even though I shake it but the chunks are SO good, since there is no chewing going on, I chew those little pieces and pretend I am eating something and the taste is creamy and YUMMY. It's very sweet like melted ice-cream. I felt very good after having it.

One thing I knew before but know even more now is that my husband and I both are obsessed with food and love to talk about it, eat it, take pictures of it, talk about it some more, and of course cook and bake and experiment with it, so this has been VERY hard for us.

Tomorrow my 2nd and last shipment arrives, I have 4 more days to go :)

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