Sunday, April 1, 2012

IUD Nightmare.......

I had the Merina IUD put in November 2011 to help with very heavy periods and having an abnormal thick lining of the uterus. At first when the doctor told me the IUD was one option to help my problems, I looked at the chart on the wall with all the other methods of birth control and saw that the IUD was something that stayed inside me, NO was the first thing that popped in my mind, then my doctor told me the benefits, that I might not even have a period after 5 months. After dealing with my so many years of my life of heavy periods, this immediately changed my NO to a YES. How much easier my life would be not worrying about my period, it was so heavy that I felt like I needed to stay home on certain days, so it really took over my life the 7 days out of the month that I was on it. So right away I set up my appointment to have it put in.

Then the problems began, from perfect health to 2 respiratory infections, a sinus infection, headaches all the time (I never had problems with headaches before), 2 eye migraines (never experienced these in my life until now), very moody, feeling like I have bladder infections, etc. Right now I am waiting until 9 am to call my doctor at home to see if he will call me in something to help with my respiratory infection. I was up all night. I am leaving for Florida this week and need to be better.

One other thing I noticed was back when I was on the pill years ago, I had developed Pleurisy, something you don't usually just develop without having pneumonia, but I did. I had it for a month and several months later issues with it. I have symptoms of this now also, I am linking it all to the foreign object inside of me, I eat SO healthy and exercise daily, so this has to be it and my gut is telling me to get it removed asap. I now see online all the problems others have linked to it, so I just know it's not for me. One benefit from it is my period right away became so light, but my health is more important, and I do believe, we have periods for a reason so I just need to go back to my natural ways.

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