Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ROK BRGR Fort Lauderdale, FL

We arrived in Fort Lauderdale at almost 3 pm and all of us were so hungry. I had looked up places to eat beforehand and one place that had top reviews in Fort Lauderdale was ROK BRGR, a gastropub that was less than 7 miles from the airport. My husband loves burgers so this place was for him, but it was also for me because they had the BEST Veggie burger I have had in a restaurant, I say that because my husband has made me one that was very tasty! I don't usually get veggie burgers but this one was made of beets, carrots, beans, sweet potatoes and more. It was very big and I could only eat half. It came with the best Sweet Potato Fries I have ever had. We ended up coming back here on our last night to get more Sweet Potato Fries. We sat outside both times and it was so nice, the way the food is presented and served makes it even more exciting to eat. My husband had the ROK Burger the first night and said it was one of the best burgers he has had. I highly recommend this restaurant.

My Veggie Burger(red pepper aioli sauce not vegan)
Fried Zuchinni
Tom's ROK Burger

Sweet Potato Fries (garlic aioli sauce-not vegan)

me enjoying the Florida sunshine on my 35th birthday!

 Also whenever we eat out, I always get Lemon Ice water, this is pretty much all I drink anyways, but the amount of money we save as a family of 4 when we all do it, probably 10-12 a meal, so it really is a great way to be able to go out and eat and save money, but also the fact that water and lemon is pretty much the healthiest beverage to get.

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