Friday, April 13, 2012

IUD Removal Update

I made the decision to get my IUD removed, my breathing issues haven't subsided yet( feeling the need to make myself yawn to get a deep breath). It's been going on for 3 weeks now, and the crazy thing is, I was googling the issue and came across an Asthma Forum with the topic and as I was reading I was like this is exactly what I went through and then I see my user name, 6 years ago I had this same issue when I developed pleurisy out of nowhere and then had a yawning issue for months. You can see the post right here It eventually went away. One thing in the forum was that I had started up birth control on a Sunday and the yawning started up right away. Something is linked to hormones and my body not liking them.

I had a horrible experience at my doctor's office. My doctor is wonderful was not going to be in the office on Wednesday the day I requested it to be removed so I had to see the Nurse Practitioner. All I have to say is it's quite obvious that they get paid for promoting and inserting Mirena because she would not admit that one of my symptoms was related to it. She just kept saying very coldly, none of your problems are from the IUD. She could not answer me when I said then why are there thousands of women online writing about their problems and they are the same ones I am having. She could not answer that and would not. She was very cold and I had a hard time relaxing to have it removed. I wanted to see it also after it was removed, just to ease my mind. One thing I asked her was I have been reading about the Mirena crash and she was like what is the Mirena crash, I said where within a few days you bleed very heavy, she said you will not bleed until about a month and it will be very light. Really lady because I started bleeding hours after it was removed and now it's VERY heavy. I am really disappointed in the way I was treated by her.

In the shower this morning I had my third eye migrane, I am hoping all of these new symptoms and issues subside once my body clears out the hormone. Everyone is different and I know there are many women who love the IUD, but for someone that is very sensitive to chemicals and medicine such as myself, it was not for me. For me, it was nothing but problem!

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